meet the dercum society
meet the dercum society
The Dercum Society is an informal international gathering of Doctors, medical professionals, and most importantly, Dercum’s Disease patients and their families. This site was founded in November of 2005 to fulfill three specific goals.

    Make scientifically-solid, peer-reviewed medical data more widely available to – and easily understandable by – the general public.
    To raise awareness of Dercum’s Disease among both medical professionals and the general public.
    To offer hope and support for Dercum’s patients and their families.

Based outside of Washington, DC, the Society aims to coordinate as much information as possible about Dercum’s Disease and organize it in one central location for patients, their families, and their doctors. We believe that this condition has been ignored for too long and too many people have suffered without a diagnosis to explain their pain due to the lack of awareness and understanding of this disease amongst the public and the medical community. We pledge to do what we can to further educate, to encourage further research, and aide those diagnosed with Dercum’s Disease in any way that we can.

The Dercum Society was founded by Heather Lawver, a young American who was diagnosed with Dercum’s Disease only a few short months after her 20th birthday. Ms. Lawver created this website, hosts it at her own expense, and has compiled all of the information contained herein, unless otherwise noted. To learn more about Ms. Lawver, please click here.

We do not solicit donations of any kind for our services. However, there are still many ways in which you can help. Click here to learn how.

Mission Statement
Provide emotional and educational support for the women and men who live with Dercum’s Disease every day.

Educate sufferers, medical professionals, and the public so more people will receive the medical treatment and therapy they need and deserve for a disease many do not even know they have.

Provide accurate scientifically-based information and educational materials free of charge in a simple, easy to understand manner.

Promote further research into the cause and cure of Dercum’s Disease.